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Mountain Ocarina
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Mountain Ocarinas Specifications
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Intuitive Fingering Pattern ver2
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Mountain Ocarina in Key of G – Super Pocket-Sized, Carefree & Durable Enough to Take Anywhere. Made in USA. Only 4.5” Long. Easy to Learn

  • Tiny, tough, & light, so you can bring it along. Wear it around your neck, or slip it in your pocket. Make music anywhere – whenever you have a spare moment. (Can’t read music? Our step-by-step music curriculum is sold separately.)
  • Range is an octave and a 1/3 – enough range for most folk songs & hymns. Fully chromatic, so it plays all sharps & flats without half-covering toneholes. Intuitive fingering pattern. Easy to get started, relative to most instruments
  • In the Key of G – a great folk key. Note: Like many band instruments (trumpets, saxes, clarinets…), this ocarina is taught as a transposing instrument in C in order to simplify learning & make it easier to find lots of sheet music to play
  • Color is black with translucent fluorescent golden-green highlights. Highlights vary from bright to subdued, depending on exposure to UV light (such as sunlight). Also includes sturdy neck cord with safety connector
  • Made with care in the USA by a small family-owned business. A quality acoustic instrument (NOT electronic) capable of great beauty & expressiveness – with sufficient practice. Designed for adults, but apt for children over 6 with adequate adult guidance

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We made this video way back in 2008 — before all screens were flat!